2435 Fm 1092 Rd, Missouri City, TX, 77459-1809 
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Chinese Food

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Chinese Food

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Reviewed by: donnajacobs1127 on: 2016-09-28
The reviews are so bad I dare not attempt to eat there at all . Thanks for the warning .
Reviewed by: tony123 on: 2016-08-04
food is not fresh, rice is cold, nothing is good at all.
Reviewed by: whatever on: 2016-08-04
it is not a place for eating, but arguing. bad service, bad food. DO NOT go to the place to eat.
Reviewed by: dycormfginc on: 2016-07-21
We have ordered take out from this restaurant 2 times in the past month. The food was very good. We ordered again today and it was terrible. The curry delight didn't have any curry and the Mongolian delight didn't taste good either. I also ordered crab fried wontons,8 pieces, 3 of the pieces didn't have any stuffing. We'll order take out from now o the Orient Café from now on. We've never had a bad meal there.
Reviewed by: bryanstead8119 on: 2015-12-29
I have ordered from this restaurant for close to 20 years. I've been on the other side of town for a
Reviewed by: svansmirren on: 2015-12-27
Never gets the food right always an issue why eat your food you can kill us by feeding us uncooked food yuck who wants that! I rather go somewhere better and eat better chinese food! We are sick of the problems with our orders see other people are sick of your food and sick of the horrible service!
Reviewed by: svansmirren on: 2015-12-27
You give us uncooked Wrap Chicken and we have had many issues with you! We have been a customer for 15 years!
Reviewed by: houston8103 on: 2015-06-13
Employee taking my delivery order was RUDE and IMPATIENT! Was my fist and last time that i will go t
Reviewed by: nicholasbouza on: 2015-02-07
Great food
Reviewed by: batistelf on: 2015-01-17
1-17-2015 The food was cold when delivered an hour later. The fried shrimp batter was uncooked and t